To receive a commission is one of the highlights of being an artist. It is simply co-creation at its best. The process starts off with a consultation with the interested parties where ideas, solutions, outcome, ‘feel’, ‘look’, size and timeframe are discussed. It then follows an organic process of exploration and creation. If a client wants a very large sculpture, a smaller maquette sized sculpture or sculptures will be presented before the full-size sculpture will take form. I am hopeful to do large park-size functional art pieces in cement  or bronze for people to sit on, children to climb on, or to compliment the architecture and landscape.

Somerset College Preparatory School 

This very large wall-art relief (1.5 x 2m) relief is a wonderful fun project I did with all the grade 7’s of Somerset College Preparatory School. Each child and class teacher received a clay tile and had the opportunity to express themselves freely. I facilitated the process and taught the children a few basic sculpting skills. I was truly amazed by their creative flair and it speaks wonderfully of their mindset, at the time that they were experiencing their transition from prep to high school. The relief can be seen at the school in Somerset-West admin and Headmaster’s office block.

Restoring Mother Mary

This project comes with an interesting story. I restored Mother Mary in exchange for a little boy’s entry into the school system, after an absence of two years.

To read the article about the restoration of this sculpture, written by Antoinette Louw, published in Die Beeld on the 2nd of June 2018, please click here

To see the the full story on Blog, please click here.

Portrait of a Little Boy

This was one of the most amazing projects I’d ever done. I got so attached to this little boy, I kept him with me for a long time before I actually forced myself to say my goodbyes and deliver. He had such a wonderful presence in my studio – I simply loved him dearly. Also, strangely and wonderfully enough, everytime I worked with him outside the studio under the trees, we were surrounded by the most beautiful birds – Malachite sunbirds in particular.