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Completed Artworks

Sculptures are cast using the classic ‘lost wax’ method and it takes roughly 6 – 8 weeks for completion and delivery. All works are available and shipped world-wide. Upscaling can be done on request.

You’re welcome to visit my gallery at Brampton Bull Pens Art Studio. Here you will find a number of small maquette sized sculptures (25 – 50cm high), that form part of my latest range. I hope that this will give you a good idea of what I do, and the general ‘feel’ of my work. I aim to eventually do much larger sculptures which will be suitable for gardens, corporate offices and homes.

African Ladies with Fish

Few things surpass the beauty of a woman, firmly grounded and in sync with the rhythm of mother earth and the lunar cycles.

Deconstructed Torso

In an attempt to construct full agency, we do our best to navigate with fluidity and grace through layers upon layers of information, change and challenge.

Rock Series

Rocks symbolise solid ground and being anchored and they serve as landmarks along our journey as we dream, push, carry and conquer in endless wondrous cycles throughout our lifetime.

Backbone Series

These sculptures suggest interconnectedness, pleasure and play between nature and being human.

Man Inside / Outside

Given my love for sculls I wanted to depict the stark contrast between the strong, smooth curved lines and divine design of the human scull with the outer softness of the flesh that carry our vulnerability and fallibility.

Let’s Talk

This Long-legged Seated Man & Woman sculpture can swivel around to create a number of different ‘feels’ as they try to find common ground.

Fragmented Series

Social life, events and interaction consist of several fragmented parts, each with an individual life narrative that is shaped and formed by the perception of the given social construct.

Vineyard Girls

These sculptures are dedicated to the Cape Winelands and are inspired by living on a historic wine farm that dates back to the 1600s. Vineyards are where man, nature, science, technology, history and the gods meet.

Functional Art: Book Ends

These bronze book ends can be used as either a set of women, a set of men, or mixed as a man and a woman pushing against each other.

Functional Art: Paper Weights

These Optical Illusion paperweights can also be used as book-ends, available in two colour options.

Classic Elements: Air

The poet and art critic Juan Eduardo Cirlot’s Dictionary of Symbols views air as the primary Element by virtue of its connection with the creative breath.

Girl with Birdcage and Nest

Birds, even when caged are symbolic of the soul and the expression of freedom. It is a stimulus for thinking about the relationship between personal freedom and social construct.


Instructions from Daedalus to his son: ‘Fly not too low nor too high. The sea’s dampness may clog your wings, and the sun’s heat can melt them.’

Long-Legged Girls

These girls have small heads in relation to their bodies, and extra-ordinary long limbs. This depicts my believe that our ‘experience of being’ are mostly anchored in our physical & emotional realm.