Brampton Bull Pens – Open Studio

Weekend 30 Oct – 01 Nov 2020

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to everyone that visited Brampton Bull Pens Art Studio during our open studios celebrations. We had so much fun, and it was wonderful having everyone around. Next year we are planning to offer food to create even a more comfortable ‘stop, exhale, enjoy and relax’ atmosphere.

Congratulations to Deon Carstens who won our wonderful lucky draw. Our sincere appreciation to Phillip Woest of Collection Luxury Accommodation who so generously sponsored this wonderful gift.

I would also like to thank the participating artists who graced the gallery with their magnificent work:

Johann Slee, Klara-Marie den Heijer, Stephen Rautenbach, Zetha Baartman, Rudolf Hough, Elbie Visser, Jan Blohm and Ydi Coetsee Carstens.

A sincere thank you to Hendrik Gerryts of the HGG Financial Group for the continued support and assistance.  You are indeed a blessing.  Many thanks for the peace of mind and the generous sponsor (the flags, the signposts, the seating, umbrellas, glassware, ice, nuts, printed material and so much more).

Please see a few photos attached, and click here for a full catalogue and contact details.

Please follow Brampton Art Studio on Instagram for the latest work and information on upcoming events.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and THANK YOU!

Warm wishes
Maritza Breitenbach
082 314 4614